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food and health

green tea

green tea is favority and traditional drink of chinese for thousand years. recent studies have shown that epigallocatechin gallate (egcg) an antioxidant found in green tea, is at least 100 more times more effective than vitamin c and 25 times more effective than vitamin e at protecting cells and dna from damage believed to be linked to cancer, heart disease and other serious illnesses. the antioxidant has twice the antioxidant benefit of resveratrol, found in red wine.

good morning.

as americans gather to celebrate this week, we show our gratitude for the many blessings in our lives. we are grateful for our friends and families who fill our lives with purpose and love. we're grateful for our beautiful country, and for the prosperity we enjoy. we're grateful for the chance to live, work and worship in freedom. and in this thanksgiving week, we offer thanks and praise to the provider of all these gifts, almighty god.

we also recognize our duty to share our blessings with the least among us. throughout the holiday season, schools, churches,

synagogues and other generous organizations gather food and clothing for their neighbors in need. many young people give part of their holiday to volunteer at homeleshelters or food pantries. on

thanksgiving, and on every day of the year, america is a more hopeful

nation because of the volunteers who serve the weak and the


the thanksgiving tradition of compassion and humility dates back to the earliest days of our society. and through the years, our

deepest gratitude has often been inspired by the most difficult times. almost four centuries ago, the pilgrims set aside time to thank god after suffering through a bitter winter. george washington held thanksgiving during a trying stay at valley forge. and president lincoln revived the thanksgiving tradition in the midst of a civil war.

the past year has brought many challenges to our nation, and americans have met every one with energy, optimism and faith. after lifting our economy from a recession, manufacturers and entrepreneurs are creating jobs again. volunteers from acrothe country came

together to help hurricane victims rebuild. and when the children of beslan, russia suffered a brutal terrorist attack, the world saw america's generous heart in an outpouring of compassion and relief. the greatest challenges of our time have come to the men and women who protect our nation. we're fortunate to have dedicated firefighters and police officers to keep our streets safe. we're grateful for the homeland security and intelligence personnel who spend long hours on faithful watch. and we give thanks to the men and women of our military who are serving with courage and skill, and ma-ki-ng our entire nation proud.

like generations before them, today's armed forces have liberated captive peoples and shown compassion for the suffering and delivered hope to the oppressed. in the past year, they have fought the





人生因什么而精彩?答案很多,但有一个答案一定正确合理——人生因文明而精彩。 校园因什么而文明?校园因你、我的文明而文明。我们的校园如果没有与之相适应的精神状态、环境氛围和文明行为,就不会有校园的文明,文明校园既包含物质的校园,更包括精神的校园,精神的校园需要我们全体师生共同、长期的努力。






例如: 有同学过度消费,总在不应该的时间进小店……




文明的学生,一定是有着良好卫生习惯的人。他会自觉维护校园环境,不会随便买零食吃,因为他懂得随便买零食既浪费又不利于健康,他更不会乱丢饮料杯、面巾纸、塑料袋、纸片,而且会动手捡拾纸片等,因为他懂得环境是大家的环境,把美好留给他人和自己。 文明的学生,一定是爱护公私财物的人。他爱学校的一草一木,不会践踏草坪,不会乱涂乱画,更不会踢门、浪费水电……而且会劝阻、制止破坏行为,及时报告。




Do a Civilized Student, Make a Civilized Campus

Hello, everyone! I’m I am in Class Two, Grade Eight.

Today, I’m honor to be standing here to give you my speech. And the topic of my speech is: do a civilized student, make a civilized campus. The topic is very old, but it isn’t old-fashioned. For students and schools, it is an eternal topic.

What makes life wonderful? There are many answers, but there is an answer must be correct and reasonable. Life is wonderful because of civilization.

What makes a campus civilized? It is our civilization. If our campus doesn’t have suitable mental state, ambience and civilized behavior, there will be no campus civilization. Civilized campus both includes material campus and spiritual campus. Spiritual campus needs all teachers and students to work together.

Civilization is a kind of progress, civilization is a scientific thinking, civilization is a correct behavior, it is to improve habits, it is to improve cultivation, it is to improve quality; Civilization is the liberation of humanity, freedom, perfection and transcendence.

View from students’ growth and development, we need call for the return of civilization, reconstruction and development, some uncivilized phenomenon still frequently occur around us.

For example: uncivilized language, some students say bad language, fighting and cursing also occasionally occur;

For example: environment is not clean, drink cups, tissues, plastic

bags, paper crumbs are thrown everywhere, they reflect our poor

unhealthy habits, and our healthy awareness is very weak.

For example: some students use money too much, they should not

enter shops at any time and so on.

The conflict between civilization and eyesore still exist, all the

teachers and students must pay attention to this and act at once.

A civilized student, he must like learning. He was always full of

desire for knowledge, he is an active learner in class and after school, he always asks questions, and he isn’t afraid of difficulties.

A civilized student, he must be a polite person. Polite words are in his mouth and away from bad language, he knows let others respect him; he must respect others firstly, it is equally important to respect others and respect themselves.

A civilized student, he must have good health habits. He would

consciously protect the campus environment, and buy snacks to eat at any time, because he understands that it not only wastes money but also is bad for your health. He would not throw beverage cups, tissues, plastic bags, paper, but he would pick up pieces of paper and so on, because he knows

the environment is everyone's environment, it is much better to leave good environment to others and him.

A civilized student, he must be a disciplined person. He would put his things tidily. He would queue to have meals consciously, and he wouldn’t speak loudly to influence others, and he would comply with school rules.

A civilized student, he must be a caring and responsible person. He would respect teachers and students, care people and things around him, don’t quarrel with the students and he won’t fight with others; he would know how to thank others, thank parents, elders and teachers……

Because we are young, we are full of longing and passion, we

pursuit growth, and in this process, let us get close to civilization,

perform civilization, practice civilization and do a civilized student, and make a civilized campus.




What is future?Every time I look at the stars in the sky,I ask myself.It's realy a hard question to answer it.The universe is boundless,we don't know where are we from and where shall we go.I stand there,at sea.

Last Sunday,there was a rain of meteors.I went to the belcony towait for their coming.Above my shoulder,it was the wind.Above the wind,it was the sky,huge and blue,with sparkling stars.Suddenly,a shooting star appeared.I hurried to pray for her happiness,staring at it.I wanted to pray for more,but it had already died out.I realised ,future is not carved on the meteors,but it's now,around us.

When a fortune-teller look at your palm,she'll tell you how your future will be like.That's a way you place your hope on.But it's not realistic.The future is the things and people around you.What you should do is to try to do everything well,don't care much about the results.Be kind to all the people around you,and love them.Although the world is not full of love,the life is not a bed of rose,you should sdick on your belief.When time passes,you'll find everything you do is worthwh(转载自百分网www转载自百分网,请保留此标记.oh100.com,请保留此标记。)ile.

Years is glorious.Because no way you can stop time from elasping.How time flies!Just like the flowers in spring,the sunshine in summer,the moon in mid-autumn and the snow in winter.Maybe one morning you'll never wake up,you'll never see the sunrise or the sunset;you'll never see your sweatheart or talk to her,you'll never hear the soun


d of the nature or wander on the path among the trees,you'll never swim in the lake or climb the mountains.

Time is gold.Every minute is precious.We should make best use of it.Don't waste even one minute.Spend time in working,in laughing,in playing games and in loving.

Each of us has a kite flying in the sky,and we also have a string each.

Children's kite is childhood,the string is grown.

Lovers' kite is love,the string is daily life.

I have a kite,it is called dream,the string in my hands is reality.

The wind which makes kites fly is future.Kites are not free,but we still have power to control them and let them fly higher and higher.The string is in my hands,future is now in my hands.

Future is now,forget the fortune-teller,clench your fists!

A Young Idler,An Old Beggar

Almost everyone knows the famous Chinese saying:A young idler,an old beggar. Throughout history,we have seen many cases in which this saying has again and again proved to be true.

It goes without saying that the youth is the best time of life,during which one's mental and physical states are at their peaks. It takes relatively less time and pains to learn or accept new things in a world full of

changes and rapid developments. In addition,one is less likely to be under great pressure from career,family and health problems when young. Therefore,a fresh mind plus enormous energy will ensure success in different aspects of life.

Of course,we all know:no pains,no gains. If we don't make every effort to make good use of the

advantages youth brings us,it is impossible to achieve any goals. As students,we should now try our best to learn all the subjects well so that we can be well prepared for the challenges that we will face in the future.

少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲 几乎所有人都知道中国有一句老话:少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲.通过阅读历史,我们从一个又一个的案例当中得知,这句话被证实是真确的. 不用说都知道,在青年时期,人的智力和身体状况都是一生中最好的,这也是一个人一生中最好的时期.在这个处处都不停地转变,飞快地发展的世界里,年轻使人相对地用更少的时间去学习和领悟新知.在这时,很少人会困在从事业上来的压力下,家庭和健康问题也比较小(就是说不是没有--译者).所以,一个清醒的脑袋加上巨大的能量就会成就人生中不同方面的成功. 当然,我们都知道:没有挫折就没有获得.如果我们没有好好努力去利用年轻带给我们的优胜之处,那就没有可能获得任何的成功.作为中学生,我们应该做到最好去学好每一个科目,这样的话,我们就可以为将来即将面对的挑战做好准备.

Growing with English

Back in the years when I was only six years old or so, I had my first taste of English. It seemed very strange to me. At the very beginning, I was not so interested in this strange language. Moreover, the English TV program always took time away from my cartoon shows. As a result, I started to hate English.

Time flies. Things completely changed at the end of my primary ['praim?ri] school life.

In the last exam of the whole primary school period, I did so well in English that I got a full mark. I found that I could do a perfect job in English if I put my heart on it. This exam seems to be a turning point on my road of studying English and has really inspired [in'spai?d] me. Although [?:l'e?u] there are still many

challenges ['t∫?lind?] waiting for me, these setbacks won’t hurt my confidence ['k?nfid?ns] and will push me to study harder.

Now, my ideal future like this, we have English classes everyday , because l like English very much. The classes are quite small, there are about 15 students in each class. Nothing is impossible for willing hearts and I believe, in the future, I can fly as high as I wish to.

Thanks for your listening!


How to keep healthy?

Good afternoon, dear teachers and classmates:

I’m very glad to be here with you. We are from Class185.My name is Sunye: My name is Yangying: My name is Yanfengxiao. Today we will talk about “How to keep healthy?”

At first, we want to find who is the healthier:

A:It must be me !

B: You? kids! I’m much healthier than you.

A: Sure be me! I’m very healthy. I often eat lots of vegetables and much meat every day. And I often eat all kinds of fruit. So I’m healthier than you, how about you?

B: A-ha , Are you healthier than me? you’re kidding! I’m pretty healthy. I always eat much much vegetables and fruit. And I eat eggs,I drink milk.So I am healthier than you.

A:I’m healthier than you.

B: No, no. I’m healthier than you.

A: I’m healthier than you!

B: I’m healthier than you!

A : Look! I’m more althletic.

B:A-ha…you are only fat. Look! I’m more taller than you.

C: Hey…hey. What are you quarrelling?

AB: Oh, Miss know, It’s very great to see you, please tell us :who is healthier.

C: Ok, don’t quarrel. Let me see .In fact, you’re very healthy. But you both should do some sports, yes or no? Because you both don’t like sports.

AB: Oh…yes…yes…

ABC: Yes. If you want to be healthy, you should have a healthy lifestyle. Certainly, it’s the most important to eat balanced diet. In order to keep healthy, We should eat healthy food; and say”no”to junk food. We should eat more vegetables and fruit and less meat. And we should do sports every day .please remember “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away ”And our healthy lifestyle helps us to get good grades! Are you healthy?

That’s all! Thanks a lot!



my dream

my dream is to have robots.in 2345, there are many robots in the world. every family has more than one robot. everyone can make different robot, it’s popular in the world.

i have three robots, the first one is from my friend, the second one is from my parents, and the third one is from my classmate. the first robot is peg. it has a square face, its body is a big circle, and it has a small mouth. it can run very fast, it can jump very high, it can swim slowly, and it can fly with me! it likes eating some milk for breakfast, some noodles for lunch and some porridge for dinner. look! peg is riding a bicycle. it’s learning about balance. be careful, peg!

the second robot is jack. it has a round face, two small eyes and a big mouth. it can dance very well, it can play the piano quite well, and it can skate well. jack likes ma-ki-ng friends with people, animals, trees and flowers, even air. listen! jack is playing the piano! oh, that’s very good. everyone likes it.

the last one is dick. it’s the cutest than peg and jack. it can teach me how to live, and it can help me play, relax and learn new things!

the robots can teach me many things, they can make me happy, they are fun, i like it!


predicting our future

china, our great motherland, is developing very fast. more and more techniques are being used into our daily life. well, let's imagine what our future will be like in 50 years.

first, there will be more trees but lepollution. it's very important for us to protect our living environment. however, some people are destorying it only because they want to fullfill their selfifh

purpose-to get more and more money. we are being told that it's wrong to bulid our happineon the sufferings of our descendants. so, i think we should do something to change the present situation. and now our goverment is trying to solve this problem, and some relevent policies will come into force very soon.we could expect a bright future for our environment.

second, much more advanced technologies will be used, which will

provide us much more convinence. after 50 years, we will have our own robots help us with the housework, and the life will become easier and more comfortable. when you are free, you could fly to the moon for vacation or fly rockets to the moon. everything is possible. last but not the least, i'd like to say that we could predict the future, and i believe with our continuous efforts, all of our dreams will come true one day. do you agree with me?

let's take action now!