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篇一:少儿英语演讲稿-my family

my family


my name is steven . i'm 10 years old, today my topic is my family .

i have a happy family . there are three members:my father , my mother and me . my parents love mevery much .

my mother is chinese teacher . she is very tall and thin . her face looks small and her eres are very beautiful . my mother is very warm and friendly to others , but she is very strict with me . my father is a professional accountant . he works hard every day . he likes playing football . i usually play with him . we enjoy ourselves every time .

my dream is to be a police officer when i grow up . everyboy , please cheer me on !

thanks ! thanks you very much !










Ladies and gentlemen:

I am happy to be here. My name’s Cherry. I’m seven years old.

I like peacock because it’s beautiful.

I like panda because it’s cute.

And I am beautiful and cute too!

I’m clever and active. I can sing and dance. Now I want to sing the song “We all like you”.

Hello, everyone. I’m Tina. I’m eight.

I like yellow, bananas are yellow.

I like bananas, monkeys like bananas too.

I like monkeys, they’re lovely.

Do you like me?

Hello, I’m Daniel. I’m eight.

I have a house. There’s a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room and a kitchen. I like my house because it’s strong.

Do you like my house?

Hello, I’m Lucy. It’s nice to meet you.

The bird lives in the nest.

The mouse lives in the hole.

The fish lives in the pond.

I live in my house.

Where do you live?

Hello, everyone. Nice to meet you.

I’m Steven. I’m 8.

I’m a clever boy.

I like English and playing games.

I have a plane and a tank.

They’re funny. Come on, play and sing with me.


My Weekends – 我的周末

Hello everyone. My name is Liu Wenzhang and my English name is Bill. I’m eleven years old. I am a bright boy, and weekends are my holidays. My teacher often asks me, “How do you spend your weekends? What do you do on weekends?”


“My weekends are wonderful,” I answer. On weekends, I usually read books, draw pictures, watch TV and play piano at home. Sometimes I play badminton with my mother in the courtyard(庭院). Sometimes I go to bookstores and buy all kinds of books with my father and mother. Learning English has also become an important part of my weekend life. When we are hungry, we have big dinners at KFC. We always eat hamburgers, french-fries, chicken and ice-cream. They all smell and taste delicious.

On sunny days, my whole family would go to visit museums and the zoo. Sometimes we play in the park and on the beach. I like to go to the zoo the most. There are clever monkeys, dangerous tigers, mild( 温和的) zebras and lots of other animals in the zoo. I like them all! I am very happy on weekends because I can go out and enjoy the things I like and to play many games and learn many new things. I wish all of you pleasant weekends!

Where there is a will there is a way-有志者事竟成 Hello, everyone! My name is Liu Wenzhang. My teacher and my classmates like to call me Jackson in and out of class. I am eleven years old.

In the past, from time to time(有时候), I asked myself questions such as(例如) “ How can I learn English well?” Also, I kept asking不断问 myself questions such as “Is there a quicker way to learn English?” ---- It gave me headaches.让我头疼 I needed someone to give me good advice!

Finally, the chance came! One day, I went to a big shopping center with my mother. Pushing and shoving推,挤 in the crowd人群, I heard a voice speaking: “Excuse me?May I pass?” “Yes? No problem?”I said to her politely. “Thank you!” she said.

Then I saw an elderly foreign lady walking past me, with a thankful smile

on her face. I was so glad. “You are welcome!” I replied. Afterwards, we became good friends. Of course, I asked her many, many questions including包括: “How can I learn English well?”

She advised me as follows如下: “There is no shortcut捷径 in English learning. It is easy to speak English, but it is really not easy to speak proper English. No matter what you learn无论你学什么, you had better learn it by heart.用心去学”

“Remember! My boy?” She went on saying继续说, “Where there is a will,

there is a way. Try hard!努力吧 You will be a good student!” Thank you .

I Like to Learn English – 我喜欢学英语

Hello everybody. My name is Liu Wenzhang . You can call me Kon in English. I am ten years old now. I think I am a very bright boy. I study at Xushui Primary School. I like to learn English very much.

I believe learning English is very important. If I study English well, I can talk with foreigners. When the 2008 Olympic Game is held in China, I will try to introduce介绍 my beautiful hometown家乡 to people from other countries with my skillful熟练的 English.

I began to study English when I was five. It has been more than three years so far到现在.At school I study English very hard. I try my best to be active 积极的in class. Whenever无论何时 the teacher asks us questions, I am always the first to raise举 my hand. I have learnt many English words and dialogues by heart记住了很多英语单词和对话, and I like to speak with my English teacher. Although 虽然I still can’t express表达 myself sufficiently充分的, with the teacher’s help and encouragement有了老师的帮助和鼓励 I can express some of my simple thoughts简单的想法 in English.

In my free time, I like to play English games. I actually确实 learned English words from these games. This is like就象 “Killing two birds with one stone”. On one hand,一方面 these games help me to relax放松, and on the other hand另一方面, I can learn English while enjoying these English games在玩游戏的时候.

Learning English is great. I hope you enjoy it too!

My great interest in Reading

My name's Liu Wenzhang. My English name is Lily. I'm a student in a Primary School in Xushui county .

I like singing and doing sports. But my favorite hobby is reading. Ever since I was a small boy, I made friends with books. I like to listen to the stories told by my mother. Some of them came from the books around me. Every story and character角色 attracted吸引 me a lot.

I have been interested in all kinds of books. When I started primary school, I already knew enough words to read by myself. Not only不但 have I learned much from the books, but also而且 I have shared my stories with my friends.

As time goes on, the more books I read, the more I learn.随着时间过去,我读的书越多,我学到的东西越多 It also helps me improve my writing ability提高我的写作能力. My teachers often speak highly of表扬 my work. I have won a lot of prizes for my good writing在作文写作方面多次获奖. Reading has become an important part of my life成为我生活的重要部分. It helps me learn more about human society人类社会. My life is filled with joy and love because of the enjoyment I get from reading. 我的生活因为从阅读中获得的享受而充满快乐和爱。




袁 10.9





My name is Hank. I’m six years old. I have been studying English for half a year in the 我叫Hank, 今年6岁了, 我已经在夏尼英语学校学习半年了。

English school. I am fond of watching cartoon which is called Ultraman. I also like doing sports, 我喜欢看的动画片是奥特曼, 我也喜欢做运动, especially running. At the same time ,I always hope to get the toy car as a present. 特别是跑步。 同时, 我总是盼望能收到玩具汽车做为礼物, My favorite food is strawberry ice-cream. There’re five persons in my family, my grandma, my 我最喜欢的食物是草莓冰淇淋。 我家里一共有五口人, 姥姥、 grandpa, my mother, my father, and me. And I love all of them.

姥爷、 妈妈 、 爸爸, 和我。 而且我爱他们所有人。

Next, I want to tell a story of A Clever Panda to all of you . I hope you’ll like it. 下面,我想给大家讲一个聪明的熊猫的故事, 希望你们喜欢。 小故事:

A little panda picks up a pumpkin and wants to take it home.


But the pumpkin is too big. The panda can’t take it home.

但是这只南瓜太大了, 她没有办法把这么大的南瓜带回家。

Suddenly she sees a bear riding a bike toward her. She watches the bike. 突然她看见一只狗熊骑着一辆自行车朝她这边来。她看着自行车,

“I know!I have a good idea.” she jumps and shouts happily,


“I can roll a pumpkin. It’s like a wheel.”


So she rolls the pumpkin to her home. When her mother sees the big pumpkin, 于是她把那瓜滚回家。 当她妈妈看到这只大南瓜的时候,

she is surprised, “Oh, my God! How can you carry it home?”

很惊讶: “天啊! 这么大的南瓜!你是怎么把它带回家来的?”

the little panda answers proudly, “I can’t lift it, but I can roll it.”

小熊猫自豪地说; “我拎不动它,可是我能滚动它啊!”

Her mother smiled and says,“What a clever girl! Use you heard to do something,”

她妈妈微笑着说: “真聪明啊! 记住:只要你肯动脑筋,没有难办的事。”


Hello everyone, I am Nancy, I am six years old. I am in grade one of the forth railway primary school.

I have a lot of hobbies, i like writing, singing and drawing. I like outdoor sports activities very much. Every weekend,my mom takes me out to do some sports,sometimes we climb mountains,sometimes we ride the skateboard,and sometimes we go skating.

PE is one of my favorite subject, but the PE class in my school always upset me,that is because our school is rebuilding now so we have to have the PE class in a kindergarten nearby.

It is a small yard,so every class we have to run twenty circles, it makes me so dizzy! Luckily, our new school will be ready very soon. I can learn in my new school in this September ,at that time we will have a big and beautiful playground ,and i'm so happy that our PE class will be more interesting . Also i hope we can have the sportmeeting this fall! Tell you a secret I have never attend a sportmeeting and I'm so looking forward of it!

That's it ,thank you very much!





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