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Jane’s Thoughts About Why She did so in the Sports Meet

Our class got great achievements in the school sports meet, winning the second place out of the whole grade and No.1 in the tug-of-war match. The whole class, even the whole school was greatly impressed with the unique way I cheered my class on, which they say contributed a lot to(促使) our success. Here are my thoughts about it:

As you advance in life, you have more roles to play and more responsibilities to assume(承担). The reasons why I shouted and swung(挥舞) my tracksuit in the air as wildly as possible while cheering our class in the tug-of-war competition were: for one thing, I wanted to light up the students’ passion with mine as I always consider passion a necessary guarantee(保证) for any possible success; for another, I was supposed to be like that on that occasion. While others might think me foreign(strange) to the usual way I am, I consider it my responsibility and the only choice to be that way right there and right then. What I intended the students to know was that people need to be dimensional(多维) when performing different obligations(职责) or playing different roles. The message I’d like to get across (传达) to them was: if you want to do something well, you must go all out for it, even at a certain cost sometimes. As for the pressure I put on the other teachers and the criticism


they got from their students for attributing their failure in the tug-of-war match to (归因于)their teachers’ not waving their tracksuits, it’s sheer amusement for me. As a matter of fact, different teachers had different ways of cheering their students, forming one after another special and amusing scenes on the sports ground, which surely added to the lively atmosphere of the sports meet. They contributed not in the least less than I did!

It’s really a wonder for our class, one among those with more advantages in the academic areas over the athletic ones to have won the tug-of-war match which calls for not only unity but also strength and stamina(耐力). It was with the great determination to win and the strength of unity that we won the match. Congratulations and I really feel proud of our class! At the same time, I also believe the students can do more wonders in other aspects in the days to come. Come on!!!


Never Again

----To the last Sports Meet Sophie

It was all over. We scattered, with the setting sun stretching my shadow into a long shape. This dismal scene added to my sense of frustration and depression. Not having expected the sports meet would end in such a way, I felt lost. During the assembly, I talked and talked, not noticing what was going on up the platform (sorry Jane, disobeying the rules once). Then we dismissed, and I wandered in my lowest pace, through the crowds, along the streets, and past several bus stations, realizing it will never happen again that we sit in order in the sun (sometimes clouds), cheering in chorus for the ones on the track, and that never again will we see Jane waving her white sports suit in the tug-of-war except in photos and videos. Though middle school life still continues, our sports meet has come to an end.

On Wednesday night at the bus station, I met with a senior three student I knew. “Your last sports meet?” she smiled. “Yeah.” “How do you feel? Sandstorm?” It was my turn to smile. It seemed that the “sandstorm” in the Southern Stadium has left a deep impression on her, but for me, it was far more than that, especially this last time.

Class three still came out first this time, and I never mind whether they have cheated or not, because I must confess they are talented indeed. But we…I don’t think we failed, for we took part actively and have never tried to win by hook or by crook, (千方百计,不择手段) which is what sports spirit is all about. We participated and persisted, and that was enough. I don’t want to blame the loss on someone’s foul play or others’ operations under the table; the result was from ourselves. I can’t say it was destined(注定的), but I must say it has ended. Still, I’ll remember the times when Jane went to cheer on for our “brother class”----class four----in their tug-of-war. I couldn’t help but feel touched when we girls cheered on for an unknown Senior One boy, Pan (the name reminds me of Peter Pan), during the 800—meter race, for he was so outstanding in long distance running that we already had the temptation to do so in the last sports meet. I regret very much that, due to various reasons, I didn’t enter for this last sports meet, but it was OK, as this has given chance to others who had

never taken part to show themselves. (However)Whatever the results were, participation is the most valued. Our cheers for those who caught up with others to rise from the last to the last but two were so exciting that it seemed as if those ones had become the champions. It’s honor and dignity, (not) rather than results, that matters, and honor doesn’t simply come from ranks. I must thank my class for the reason that our excellence in the tug-of-war has given me a golden memory which will never fade. The tug-of-war isn’t just a match between weight and strength; it is more like a competition of unity between teams instead of between individuals, so it stands more for a class’ character. Though we lost the final without rhyme or reason, I can proudly say that we are united as a class.

The sunset plated(镀上) every object with a golden layer. The bus was crowded with people. The junior students talked cheerfully. And I felt upset. The cap narrowed my sight, but it also hid my expression. I knew all will never happen again: the sandstorm in the stadium, the burning sun overhead, the heavy rain without warning, the cheers and crowds, the excitement and disappointment...all has gone with the sports meet of middle school age and become a memory deep in mind.

It’s all over now. Such experience will never return again.


如何写运动会作文 一、写这类文章,离不开的就是场面描写,大家可以先写运动会的总体气氛,勾勒 “面”的情景。

比如 星期五上午,全校师生怀着激动的心情,迈着整齐划一的步伐来到了赛场,整个操场变成了红色的海洋,真可谓是人山人海啊。当校长宣布秋季运动会开幕时,全场顿时鸦雀无声,在停顿不到十秒后,响起了雷鸣般的掌声。




(三)班的刘靖宁和刘炼同学一路领先,而我班同学却被别人拉下一大截。我一见,急了,飞也似地冲了上去。后面的同学也不甘示弱,玩命地跑,一下子超过了我。只剩下 100 米了,大家都已筋疲力尽了,我的腿、脚都像灌满了铅似的,十分沉重,汗水浸湿了我的衣服,可我没有放弃,仍然努力地奔跑着。这时,看台上的同学们都在为本班同学加油。我的耳边只听到“尤优加油,尤优快跑!”是啊!无论如何我也要夺得名次,决不能输啊!百年校庆,一百年了,不管怎样都要为班级争光,为校庆增彩啊!班主任章莉老师鼓励的话语,体育老师选拔运动员忙碌的身影,同学们相约夺魁的握手镜头……想到这里,我倍受鼓舞,力气大增。一个,两个,三个,我不断地超越其他人。还剩10 米了,刘靖宁和刘炼已跑到终点,我想,就算得不到第一、第二名,好歹也得第三名呀!于是,我使出浑身的劲,飞奔出去。我怀着必胜的信念,在最后5 米,连超四人,终于夺得了第三名。我成功啦!尽管我刚到终点,就倒在了地上,但我的内心充满了自豪。

三、运动会结束了,除了那些精彩的镜头,更重要的是让你思考,给你启示。 如果你将这些穿插其中或者写个这样的结尾段,那样你的文章就具有深度了!















今天,天气晴朗,阳光明媚,我们迎来了双江小学2008年冬季综合运动会。 伴随着雄壮的《运动员进行曲》;伴随着小鸟愉快的歌声;伴随着同学们充满激情的欢呼声,运动员雄纠纠,气昂昂地迈进了运动场。一场别开生面的运动会拉开了序慕。




比赛马上要开始了,各班参加比赛的队员们站在起跑线上,眼睛齐刷刷地盯着裁判员手中发令枪。全场一片寂静,仿佛在接下来要进行一场激烈的战斗似的。只听见"呯"声枪响了,伴随着发令枪口边缓缓升起的青烟,运动员们如雄鹰展翅一般“飞”了出去。大家都争先恐后,希望能为班集体争得这个份量最重的荣誉。跑道上,运动员们一个个如离弦之箭,你追我赶,竞争十分激烈。我们班的“飞毛腿”李冰同学冲在最前面,他一鼓作气,一马当先,其他班的同学也不甘示弱,奋勇直追。眼看我们把其他几个班的距离拉得越来越远时,让人担心的事情还是发生了——我们班的尹仪枫在交棒时,下一棒的李俊宏没接住。在同学们的叹息声中,只见尹仪枫急中生智,把棒向上一扬,李俊宏心领神会,伸手将棒抓在了手中。闪电般向前面冲去,超过了前面的同学,最终为我们班获得了第一名。场上的比赛热火朝天,场下的啦啦队员们振臂高喊“加油,加油”声音响彻全校,那声音,快把枯树上的叶子都震下来了。 运动会虽然结束了,但是那惊心动魄的场面依清晰地刻在我的脑海中,久久不能抹去。



今天我有些兴奋,很早就就起了床,来到学校,因为一年一次的运动会要在今天举行。运动会的项目比较多,比如说,有跑步、实心球、跳高…… 我们班的运动员们个个斗志昂扬,非常兴奋,运动会开始了,首先举行的是60米跑步,一位老师把信号枪打响了,跑步开始了,我们班的曾文遥抢跑在第二位,在我们的加油声中,曾文遥逐渐跑到了前面,后来一直保持到终点,得到了第一名,我们为她欢呼起来。

接下来是跳高,我们班的何涛和刘世维出场了,其他班的同学有些没跳过,有些跳过了,刘世维一跳,没跳过去,何涛接着跳,也没跳过去,过了许多轮,何涛被淘汰了,下一个是刘世维,刘世维感到了压力,有压力就有动力,刘世维憋足了劲,起身一跳,终于跳过去了,我们为他喝彩。可是,接下来的几轮跳高中,也被淘汰了,当他闷闷不了的走下场时,我们安慰他不要灰心,下次运动会只要你努力,一定可以跳出好成绩。我去看排名表,发现刘世维得了第二名,我把这个好消息告诉了刘世维,刘世维非常高兴,脸上露出开心的笑容。 后来还比赛了跳远、100米跑步、800米跑步……都有许多同学在今年的运动会中我什么项目都没有选上,有一些遗憾,但我希望经过我的努力在明年的运动会上出现我的身影。