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Good morning , boys and girls. I am pu lijuan and glad to give you a speech about stress.

Psychologist tell us that stress is a state of worry caused by the problem of living , such as too much work or study , heavy responsibilities .

Statistics show that stress comes from every detail in our life . Financial problems , poor health , being laid off may be the stress that most adults now are suffering . As students in the university , we are also under our special stress . While study , having to take various tests and submit a project against a deadline may put a great pressure on us . And the things that make us felt stressed may be our parents’s greater expectations on us than we could reach . Later , when we are likely to graduate , some other problems will also annoy us . I think we will worry a lot about our ability to compete in the job market and how we can best use what we’ve learned at college in our future job .

The chief problem we should face to is our attitude towards stress .People usually say they can not live in the sun except they escape from stress . It’s

unwelcome ! Yes , however , very necessary . Just image a world where stress does not exist and people lead their life in a very comfortable way . But is this kind of living condition as perfect as we hope ? Without

stress , they may feel very satisfied with the current life but lack of power to discover new things . Too much satisfaction result in nothing except a countermarch of the society . No stress , no development . So a certain amount of stress is good . It can stimulate us and increase our level of alertness .

And our answer to stress is another vital problem . How to do with ourselves when stress suddenly break into our life ? To wave the white flag and admit our unability , to give up to our ideality , or worsely , just to suicide as to put an end to everything … Of cause not . The principle is to tackle with stress gently and

harmoniously. We should try our best to release

ourselves . Such as to do some exercise , to listen to t music to ease our minds and to learn to view these

changes of life as challenges .It’s no use crying over


spilt milk . Only to accept what has happened can solve



the problem .


Ok , I think I was under large stress 5 minutes before , but now I am here and have finished my speech . Here is the last thing I want to add to my topic ,face to it and overcome it ,stress is also a piece of cake .

That is all . Thank you very much!



I have been in University for about one year. During my stay here, I came to realize that university life is like drinking coke. We experience all tastes of life here, sour, sweet, bitter and hot.

I am from Province, which is far away from here. I often miss my Mum, friends, and relatives in my hometown. However, I can't see them very often. So loneliness always keeps me company. I am sad that I can't be there with them.

Lucky for me, life in university is rich and colorful. With more free time,we can do many more things besides study, such as joining societies clubs, and taking part-time jobs. Such activities not only make our life more colorful, but also help us improve all kinds of skills. The university is a society miniature, what we learn here will benefit our future life.

Our path in life will not always be smooth. Setbacks can't be avoided. Failing an important exam, break up with boy or girl friend, or refused by a promising company, such setbacks are likely to get us down. Sometimes we fell so frustrated that we even burst into tears.

Drinkin coke is wonderful, despite the undesirble consequent hiccups. It's bitter, sour and peppery, but also sweet. And you'll even feel excited after gulping down a glass. A college experience is part of growing up. We cry, smile, fall in love, get hurt, leave, learn and then we become a better person.

University life is like drinking coke. I'm experiencing it. And I know, I enjoy it!


我从省,离这儿很远。我常常想念妈妈的亲戚、朋友,在我的家乡。然而,我经常见到。那么孤独总是会陪伴我。我很难过,我无法和在一起。 幸运的是,我在大学生活是多彩的。有更多的闲暇,可以做更多的事情除了学习,如加入社团俱乐部,打工。的活动,使的生活多彩,而且还能帮助改进各样的技能。大学是社会,里学到的微缩有利于今后的生活。






Over the past Spring Festival, I got involved in a family dispute. Right before I got home, four satellite channels of CCTV were added to the 14 channels we had already had. In prime time at night, they all had

interesting shows. Therefore, the five of us-my parents, my sisters and I-had to argue over what to watch. Finally, we agreed that we should watch the "most interesting" program... If wecould agree what that was.

However, all of us there remember that for a long time after we had TV, there were only one or two channels available. The increase in options reveals an important change in our life: the abundance of choice.

Fifteen years ago we all dressed in one style and in one color. Today, we select from a wide variety of designs and shades.

Fifteen years ago, we read few newspapers. Today, we read English

newspapers like the China Daily and the 21st Century, as well as various Chinese newspapers.

Fifteen years ago, English majors took only courses in language and literature. Today, we also study Western culture, journalism, business communications, international relations, and computer science.

The emergence of choices marks the beginning of a new era in China's history; an era of diversity, of material and cultural richness, and an era of the rebirth of the Chinese nation.

We enjoy the abundance of choice. But this has not come easily.

About 150 years ago, China was forced to open up its door by Western canons and gunboats. It has been through the struggle and sacrifice of

generations that we finally have gained the opportunity to choose for ourselves. The policy of reform and openness is the choice that has made all the difference.

Like others of my age, I'm too young to have experienced the time when the Chinese people had no right to choose. However, as the next century draws near, it is time to ask: What does choice really mean to us young people?

Is choice a game that relies on chance or luck? Is choice an empty promise that never materializes? Or is choice a puzzle so difficult that we have to avoid it?

First, I would like to say: To choose means to claim opportunities. I am a third-year English major. An important choice for me, of course, is what to do upon graduation. I can go to graduate school, at home or abroad. I can go to work as a teacher, a translator, a journalist, an editor and a diplomat. Actually, the system of mutual selection has allowed me to approach almost every career opportunity in China.

Indeed, this is not going to be an easy choice. I would love to work in such big cities as Beijing or Shanghai or Shenzhen. I would also love to return to my hometown, which is intimate, though slightly lagging in development. I would love to stay in the coastal area where life is

exciting and fast-paced. I would also love to put down roots in central and western China, which is underdeveloped, but holds

great potential.

All of these sound good. But they are only possibilities. To those of us who are bewildered at the abundance of opportunities, I would like to say: To choose means to accept challenge.

To us young people, challenge often emerges in the form of competition. In the next century, competition will not only come from other college graduates, but also from people of all ages and of all origins. With increasing international exchanges, we have to face growing

competition from the whole outside world. This is calling for a higher level of our personal development.

Fifteen years ago, the knowledge of a foreign language or of computer operation was considered merely an advantage. But today, with wider educational opportunities, this same knowledge has become essential to everyone.

Given this situation, even our smallest choices will require great wisdom and personal determination.

As we gain more initiative in choice making, the consequence of each choice also becomes more important.

As we gain more initiative in choice making, the consequence of each choice also becomes more important.

Nuclear power, for instance, may improve our quality of life. But it can also be used to damage the lives and possessions of millions.

Economic development has enriched our lives but brought with it serious harm to our air, water and health.

To those of us who are blind to the consequences of their choices, I would like to say, To choose means to take responsibility. When we are making choices for ourselves, we cannot casually say: "It's just my own business. " As policy makers of the next century, we cannot fail to see our responsibility to those who share the earth with us.

The traditional Chinese culture teaches us to study hard and work hard so as to honor our family. To me, however, this family is not just the five of us who quarreled over television programs. Rather, it is the whole of the human family. As I am making my choices, I will not forget the smile of my teacher when I correctly spelled out the word "China" for the first time, I will not forget the happy faces of the boys and girls we helped to send back to school in the mountains of Jiangxi Province. I will not forget the tearful eyes of women and children in Bosnia, Chechnya and Somali, where millions are suffering from war, famine or poverty. All these people, known and unknown, make up our big human family. At different points, they came into my life and broaden my perspective. Now as I am to make choices for myself, it is time to make efforts to improve their lives, because a world will benefit us all only if every one in it

can lead a peaceful and prosperous life.



不过我们全都清楚地记得,买了电视后的好长一段时间里,只有一两个频道可供选择。电视频道的增多反映出我们生活中的一个重大变化:选择余地的扩大。 15年前,我们身着同样的款式,单一的色调。而如今,纷繁的花色和众多的式样让我们挑得眼花缭乱。
















在这种形势下,即便最细小的选择也要求我们具有极大的智慧和自主精神。 当我们面对选择不断增强自己的主动性时,每一次选择的结果也同样变得愈加重要。

比方说,核能可以提高人民的生活水平,可它同样也能毁灭千百万人的生命财产。 经济的发展使我们富裕起来,却也给我们的空气、水、健康带来了严重危害。有些人对选择的后果毫不在乎,我要对他们说:选择还意味着承担责任。我们替自己做选择时,不能随口一句“这不关别人的事”。作为下个世纪的决策者,我们必须承担对和我们共同拥有这个地球的人们所负的责任。

传统的中华文化教育我们,要勃奋学习,努力工作,以荣耀家门。然而我认为,这个家门并不只指诸如我的那个争看电视的五口小家。更确切地说,它指的是整个人类这个大家庭。当我为自己的未来做出选择时,我不会忘记自己第一次正确读出“China"这个单词时老师脸上的笑容。我也不会忘记在我们的帮助下重返校园的江西山区的孩子们兴奋的脸庞。我更不会忘记饱受战火、饥荒、贫困蹂蹦的波斯尼亚、车臣、索马里,不会忘记那里成千上万的妇女儿童泪水模糊的双眼。 所有这些我认识或不认识的人们组成了人类这个大家庭。他们从不同的时空中走进了我的生活,开拓了我的视野。现在,我将为自己做出抉择,该是为使他们的生活变得美好而奋斗的时候了。因为只有当每个人都过上和平、富足的生活,世界才能成为大家的乐园.


英语口语演讲My college,my life

College life is colorful, but also need us to grasp and deep experience. Someone said: "ordinary college students have the same ordinary, but not the ordinary university but has its own brilliant." But, you can choose to ordinary, but not can choose mediocrity; If you can't believe that ordinary. So, how can we make our own university life worthwhile meaningful, how to advocate their university life? I just talk about personal time view.

first is to establish goals and plans, farther gaze. The ancients have "volunteers," save lofty when MAO zedong also has "custom long appropriate looking quantity". No goal will not have the efforts to advance direction, and with no power at all. Project goals, can divide again for immediate and long-term. Such as the recent I will read as many books as this month I should know what knowledge, holiday what practice plan to wait. For the long-term such as: before graduation of diploma, get relationships should be much, how should practice ability to the degree, etc. Moreover, the realization of the goal is a little wrath coherent process meter to realize. If one day, to remember five words can be written to many test. But, this requires persistence and perseverance.

second, is to put far vision, it is to point to not be temporary mood and mood that what will be done to drag, addiction, it must be great business event grasps, small relax. Such as online gaming, don't be such by the goal of satisfying some have been addicted, what does not know, temporarily meet the bigger behind the emptiness. Believe we all have this experience.

  the first three is to establish employment crisis. We always blame myself himself is not strong, control force without aspirant power. What does not know is own consciousness not awake. Someone will say: "love is study power" or "disadvantaged study power", etc. Actually, from direct sense, employment crisis is also should be our progress power. I often think of yourself after graduation actually do? The diploma, just college; Relations, believe in sit nothing most of the relationship. So, we the only way out is to have what ability. And this, then ask yourself: what you learned, you master? The problem now is not what we do not know to learn, but we don't want to learn.

fourth, is to learn knowledge and capacity development simultaneously. Before is heavy knowledge and light ability, but it's different now, just contrary, because social influence, diploma requirements of decline, so now properly many college students run outside looking for part-time job. If they are not affect the premise of learning, that didn't go as saying, instead should advocate. But some of them not, for a side dish, the waiter work at leave cleans, nor the arching over star. I side with this phenomenon. Now, there was such a dislocation thought, is that the authorities enterprise staff on-the-job, are using spare time "charging", and the college students in school but run into social part-time. I think this should be rectified the zeitgeist, position.

Well, my speech today is so far. Finally, the only one: "way streched endless ahead,

we will from head to foot." Yes, gave I, too, and everybody said.